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Remove Acne Blackheads Naturally With Steam

By: La Hunter

Steam is a safe, natural method of lifting acne blackheads, clearing clogged skin pores and removing facial blemishes. For those who may have loads of blackheads and acne blemishes on the face and neck, steaming the area for about ten minutes will soften the skin and induce sweating, which will force perspiration through clogged pores, as well as bringing an increased blood supply to the skin. The increased blood circulation will naturally help the skin to fight bacteria and infections.

There are some benefits to be had from using steam therapy that include, it's almost cost free to use, it's natural, as there are no medications of any kind needed, and it's safe, provided of course that scalding hot steam is not used. It is advisable to select a well ventilated area, such as a verandah or patio to actually steam your face, so as not to restrict natural breathing.

Place a basin of moderately steaming water on a table, then place a towel over your head and place your face over the steaming basin, using the towel to confine the steam to the area around your head. The steam vapor will gently heat your face and neck. You may of course take a breather after a few minutes to catch your breath, but make sure that your face is exposed to the steam for a total of at least ten minutes. Make sure that the material you use to cover your head with is quite porous, so that your breathing is not restricted. I recommend that you use a towel, do not use plastic under any circumstances.

You will find that your pores will expand making it easy to remove any blackheads. If you have a lot of these little black dots, then you may prefer to use a suction tool, or an adhesive strip to extract them from your skin. These items are available at you local pharmacy, and are specifically designed for the easy removal of stubborn blackheads. If you need to squeeze blackheads, use only your finger tips to pressure them out, do not use tweezers or your fingernails, as you will damage your skin, and you could end up with permanent scars or blemishes. If there are a few blackheads that refuse to be lifted, don't persist with them, just leave them until next time you steam your face.

Clean your face now, with a natural astringent to wash away any muck that has come out of your pores, and cleanse the skin of all bacteria. You can use aloe juice, prune juice or vinegar but my favorite is lemon juice. I have found lemon juice to be an excellent cleanser that leaves my face firm and fresh. You can rinse your face with cold water if you wish.

You may like to steam your face once a week, or whenever required, to remove acne blackheads and if you prefer, this procedure can be carried out professionally at a beauty parlor, or you can consult a dermatologist who specializes in this facet of skin therapy.

La Hunter

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