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Be Rid of Acne The Natural Way

By: La Hunter

Many people manage to rid themselves of acne the natural way, and they often report that the long term effects are very successful. By comparison, those who take medical preparations for their bouts of acne may receive fast results in the short term, however they are prone to recurring bouts of the disorder, and the long term results are less than satisfactory.

Of course, the natural way involves more effort from the patients, who must adopt a different lifestyle and put to work the natural resources that have been provided by nature. Initially, a bit of research is needed to discover the steps that need to be taken, in order to improve overall health and restore the skin to a healthy state.

Write down details of the measures that need to be taken to improve your health and fitness levels, then construct a plan of how you intend to implement these methods on a daily basis, commencing with your diet. This is really important, as it is not enough to know what to do, you also need to know how and when you are going to do it, so that you can form a daily routine.

First of all, you will need to adhere to a fairly strict diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat, fish and plenty of fresh water. Avoid processed foods, candy, fat and dairy foods, including food stuffs containing milk powder, or any other type of dairy goods. Don't take soda or soft drinks of any kind, instead drink fresh fruit juice or water. Bring your intake of beverages, like tea, coffee or alcohol down to an absolute minimum, actually pure organic cocoa is an excellent substitute for all of these beverages, as well as being a natural tonic.

Eat dishes of raw fruit or vegetables as often as possible. Orange, yellow or dark green, leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin A, which helps the skin to naturally fight skin disorders such as acne. Carrots, spinach and broccoli contain plenty of vitamin A. If you need to cook your veggies, just steam them lightly, don't stir fry them and avoid overcooking.

In order to get your blood circulating and to improve your fitness level, then a daily exercise program should be put in place. You should get a minimum of thirty minutes of daily exercise, either walking, jogging, swimming, cycling or playing sport, preferably outdoors in the fresh air. Increased blood circulation throughout the body will remove toxins from the skin, allowing it to naturally return to a healthy state.

Proper personal hygiene is needed to prevent acne outbreaks from spreading to other parts of the body. There is no need to go overboard with washing, so long as you practice a few basic techniques. Wash the affected area gently using your hands and lukewarm water. Keep your hands away from the affected area as much as possible, and when you need to touch it, wash your hands first. Do not scratch or squeeze the pimples. If you need to shave your face, use an electric razor.

If the acne outbreak is widespread, change the sheets and pillow cases daily, or at least turn them one day and wash them the next, if the outbreak is confined to your face, then just change the pillow case. this will help to confine an acne outbreak and stop it from spreading to other parts of the body.

This is the natural way to be rid of acne, and by putting all of these measures into practice, you will find a noticeable improvement after a couple of weeks and, ultimately, a healthy skin tone for the long term.

La Hunter

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