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Acne Barrier Is A Wholesome Diet

By: La Hunter

What you eat is what you are. So true, especially so far as your skin is concerned. A healthy diet, fresh air and plenty of exercise is the simple key to acquiring good body performance. This includes the largest organ of the body, the skin, that magic garment that envelops the body to hold it together, as well as protect it from the elements, injury and disease. A wholesome diet will help the skins performance, by keeping it looking fresh and protecting it from disease, such as acne.

Acne strikes most people at some stage of their lives, although first attacks of acne generally occur during adolescence. As yet, the exact cause of acne is not known, but a number of contributing factors have been identified, one of which, is adopting a diet that lacks essential nutrients. A person, whose diet relies solely upon processed junk foods containing certain carbohydrates, or a high glucose content, places himself at risk of suffering from bouts of acne.

This does not mean that all processed foods are unhealthy, far from it. A proper diet should be created according to individual requirements, and it is a good idea for people to know exactly what ingredients are contained in any processed foods that they are offered, before they eat. An easy way of identifying suitable foods is, by becoming aware of the Glycemic Index of common food types that one normally takes.

The Glycemic Index is a system that ranks carbohydrates by the speed in which, they break down while being digested, releasing glucose. Foods that have a low Glycemic Index will release glucose into the body at an even rate, which produces a steady flow of energy. Foods that are ranked with a high GI break down quickly in the digestive system, effecting a sudden release of glucose that produces a sudden burst of energy.

For those wishing to maintain good health and keep their skin looking fresh, it is in their best interest to adopt a diet comprising of foods that have a low or medium GI ranking. A regular diet of high Glycemic Index food stuffs, can cause the sebaceous glands to produce excessive amounts of sebum, or body oil that may result in outbreaks of acne. This is most likely to occur during puberty, when increased hormonal activity is already having an effect on the body, including the sebaceous glands.

Foods that have a low to medium GI rating include, most fruit and vegetables, pasta, milk, fish, sweet potato and whole wheat bread. High GI foods include, watermelon, potatoes, certain cereals and candy bars.

Sticking to a wholesome diet is the basis of good health, which results in fresh, healthy looking skin. Give your skin the best chance of defending itself from severe outbreaks of acne, which can cause long term physical and psychological damage, by adopting a diet that has a low Glycemic Index.

La Hunter

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