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Costs Associated With Bedwetting May Be Significantly High

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Costs Associated With Bedwetting May Be Significantly High

A health problem, because of which, children aged 5 and above, frequently urinate in their beds while asleep, is termed as bedwetting. It is often referred to as, "Enuresis or Incontinence" in medical terms and is defined as, "The complaint of any unintentional leakage of urine" by the International Continence Society and National Library of Medicine.

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This article addresses the financial impact of bedwetting. A recent study has demonstrated that a typical household with an individual suffering from bedwetting, spends over $1000/year for washing and drying the bed linen and over $1000/year on diapers. If medications are used to treat bedwetting, the costs quickly soar by extra $1500/year! The exact costs (both tangible and intangible) involved with bedwetting will be considerably higher when seen on a greater picture.

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General Bedwetting Costs: General costs of bedwetting include the costs of continence products (diapers, bedwetting alarms), doctor's fees, medical bills, pharmacy bills (tablets and supplements, etc), transport costs (to a medical center or pharmacy), etc. If we further look into the intangible financial expenses associated with bedwetting, we can have a bigger and clearer picture of the financial impact of bedwetting on the person suffering from the disease, his/her family and finally, the society.

Unemployment Costs: Researches show that people suffering with incontinence issues have lower employment rate. This can be a result of low self-confidence which acts as a hurdle to perform well during interviews. This impact of bedwetting could be represented as a cost to the family, as they have to forego the income of a member suffering from incontinence issues who is unwilling to work.

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Informal care costs: This is the invisible financial impact of bedwetting related to taking care of an individual with incontinence problems. The informal caregiver could be a parent, friend or a relative who takes time off from their work to help their loved one. Informal care costs can be calculated based on the total time spent assisting a person suffering from bedwetting problems. The financial impact of bedwetting sustained by the caregiver, due to absenteeism for work, are incorporated towards the financial costs involved with bedwetting.

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Community Care Costs: This is the financial impact of bedwetting undertaken by the community to help people suffering from incontinence issues. Though these costs are government financed and little to do with sufferers or their family, they are still included as associated costs of bedwetting, because, the expenditure on this program is funded by the people through taxes.

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When counted on a patient by patient basis, the financial impact of bedwetting incurred by families may seem to be less, but when you look at the bigger picture, and incorporate the tangible and intangible expenses, the financial impact of bedwetting sustained by the government and the community is much greater.

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Different Kinds Of Bed-Wetting Alarm Systems
Bed-wetting alarm systems are clinically known to stop bed-wetting in kids within days. Very few bed-wetting alarms are alike. There are fundamental differences in the technology and operation of these devices. A good alarm features sound, vibration and lights to wake deep sleepers.

Comparing Bedwetting Alarm (Nocturnal Enuresis) Urine Detection Products For Treating Children
Not all bedwetting alarms are the same. The effectiveness of a bedwetting alarm would depend mainly on its urine detection alarm. Chummie's IntelliFlex alarm with patented One Drop Detection responds and awakens the bedwetting child on detecting a single drop of urine. Faster urine detection = less mess = rapid treatment.

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