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There Are Many Common Mistakes Made In International Marketing

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There Are Many Common Mistakes Made In International Marketing

There are various typical mistakes made in international marketing. These are normally due to the fact that people lack complete knowledge of the market they tend to penetrate. These mistakes could sometimes be both disastrous and humorous once you realize them. If you want to know some of the most common blunders in global marketing techniques, you should continue reading:

- Incomprehension of Language Translation

One common mistake in international marketing is words and phrases translation. What appears to be a friendly, benign, gentle or kind name in English translation could be translated into a completely distinct meaning in a foreign language.

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- Lack of Culture Understanding

Many businesses try to spontaneously get into the international market without comprehensive research. This is not an advisable idea for every country has its own way of doing business. For example, the Chinese and Western business people have a distinctly huge difference in conducting business. Most Westerners don't comprehend the significance of personal character in trade partnerships. While the Chinese has a long and slow process concerning this. They won't introduce you to their network until they are 100% sure that you have the upright character. This only suggests that you must first prove to them that you have good character. Do not cheat, lie, manipulate and take shortcuts to be part of a respectable and responsible network .

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The Chinese make business on a person's word and on a handshake prior to signing of any agreements. So if you are a Western businessman or woman who is looking forward to do business with Chinese businessmen, learn to get their trust first and have some flexibility to explore how they can mostly profit to your business.

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- Understanding how networking works.

Networking in the culture of western business is not taken as critically how it is in China. Chinese businessmen protect and respect their network above what Western people do. The culture of Western business includes enlarging and socializing more of their contact lists while in China, even though their network as well includes socializing, they are far more interested with the people's quality introduced in their network. So once you introduce a person into the community and eventually that person has done something wrong, it will cast and reflect a doubtful image to your character. Hence, you must be very careful and responsible for your own character to have a strong foundation to a good business network. Because once your character is proven to be trustworthy and credible, that network will be very profitable and valuable to you.

When it comes to getting products and services into the hand of the end user clients it is now expected that companies will have taken up some sort of multi channel marketing strategy in order to cater for the needs of the market place.

The above mentioned are only few of the many blunders in international marketing. So if you are planning to expand your business internationally, you must take note all of these mistakes and the other mistakes you may research about through reading books, surfing the net and listening to other people's experiences and international marketing tips

There Are Many Common Mistakes Made In International Marketing
Expanding your business in the international market is a good idea to be able to gain more customers and profits. Nevertheless, it is a risky endeavour. You must first understand and learn the nature of international marketing to be able to achieve a productive business in the international market.

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