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Useful Tips When Marketing To The Generation Y

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Useful Tips When Marketing To The Generation Y

Generation Ys are those youngsters between seventeen and twenty eight years old, the baby boomer progeny. Comprising some 60 million, they are the largest group to influence the American scene since the baby boomers. While not quite as large as the baby boomer group, they are nonetheless ready to multiply and to soon have as great an impact in buying power.

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About three-quarters of Generation Ys use the Internet regularly, the familiarity with this medium no doubt initiated through elementary and secondary teaching that demanded Net access as a necessity. The group's tendency to use this medium as its main communication method should encourage marketers to create ways and means to reach its users.

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Y members connect via email, social media and video, and they primarily like to send each other texts. Statistics indicate large numbers of texts are sent by countless teenagers in any given month. The majority of Generation Ys have cell phones. Text message campaigns, therefore, are something for marketers to include in their marketing plan, especially as it is estimated that three-quarters of all text messages are transmitted by the Y Generation.

Marketing to the children of the baby boomers will be difficult. Boomer brands failed in attempts to target the smaller Generation X group, which had to be tolerated. Generation Y, however, is becoming vast enough to affect a boomer brand more significantly, simply by ignoring it. Competitor brands could also be launched to create a more significant upheaval. To succeed in marketing to this group, then, you will need to learn what makes it tick.

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Members of Generation Y have grown up in an even more technologically advanced media than their parents and respond to advertising in a different way. In numerous instances they are resistant to the traditional marketing channels that appealed to older generations. The marketers that do manage to grab the attention of Generator Y consumers are finding them in places they are known to visit, for example, the Web, social networking centers, and cable TV.

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When you consider the thousands of social networks online, only a few cater particularly for Generation Ys. Facebook and Twitter are very popular, although their popularity is associated with a number of groups. Others include: BrazenCareerist.com, 20somethings.ning.com, Unigo.com, myYearbook.com. Each of these networks caters for a variety of Generation Y needs.

Older generations as well as marketers can learn a lot from these networks, to better understand who Generation Ys are and what they're made up of. They don't expect older generations to know everything about their lifestyle. They simply yearn for understanding and respect.

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To the Internet marketer, then, learn about what motivates Generation Y. Visit their social networks and acquaint yourself with them through reading what they are writing about. Your experience there will give you some knowledge on how to advertise to the Generation Y needs.

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